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In this beautifully written book by the masterful Katherine Applegate, we find a story that can teach us all something about community, friendship, acceptance, and family. The story is told from a rather unexpected point of view…

Reading The Wild Robot?

Books to read with The Wild Robot

Extend the learning with these books. Are you reading Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot with your students? This one is always a hit! Have you ever met a kid that didn’t like robots? There’s just something about them that captures our imaginations. There’s the creative aspect of building it exactly the way you want. I also think […]


The Wild Robot novel study

There is a lot to love about The Wild Robot. The robot-meets-nature storyline is sure to find an audience in even reluctant readers. For those that are still hesitant, one look at the beautiful illustrations and The Wild Robot is nearly irresistible.  Perhaps my favorite thing about The Wild Robot, though, is the number of learning opportunities it creates. I think […]