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the wild robot

There is a lot to love about The Wild Robot. The robot-meets-nature storyline is sure to find an audience in even reluctant readers. For those that are still hesitant, one look at the beautiful illustrations and The Wild Robot is nearly irresistible. 

Perhaps my favorite thing about The Wild Robot, though, is the number of learning opportunities it creates. I think you could teach this book for years and go a different direction with it each time! 


One year you could focus on the obvious: robots. There are many opportunities for building, creating, and learning about engineering, programming, and artificial intelligence. Another year could focus on animal behaviors and adaptations. Through the characters introduced in The Wild Robot, you could study geese, wolves, bears, moose, beavers, or any number of other animals. You could learn about migration patterns, camouflage adaptations, habitats, and more. Yet another year could find you centering your study of the book on family and community. Students could do some deep thinking on what it means to love, to be a caregiver, and to form community bonds. And with its beautiful illustrations, I think The Wild Robot would be an excellent complement to an art or drawing study.

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The Wild Robot novel study
  • Ages 8 – 11
  • Lexile 740
  • 288 pages


      • Student Worksheet Packet (digital option)
            • Vocabulary

            • Chapter Questions

            • Discussion Questions

            • Focused Questions on Point of View, Latin Roots, and Synonyms and Antonyms

            • Bird Imprinting Minilesson

            • Writing and Drawing Prompts

            • Student Projects

        • Final Exam with Part A/Part B Questions (digital option, self-grading)

        • Vocabulary & Definition Cards (digital option)

        • Word Wall Cards

        • Character Matching Game

        • Q & A Dice Game

        • CCSS Checklists, Grades 3 – 5


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